Prayers of Repentance - Father Victor Ingalls

Prayers of Repentance

Transcript from our live prayer event, “One Voice from Home.” To follow along with Father Vic, visit the Prayers of Repentance recording on our YouTube channel

The first step to moving closer to God is always turning away from sin, letting go of all the things that hold us back, that burden our hearts, and keep us from all that God has planned for us in His deep love. 

As these prayers are prayed, I will pause between topics, and if you are willing, the Holy Spirit is going to stir up certain things in your heart. 

Take this time to confess those things in your heart, or if you feel comfortable, even do it out loud and lay these things at the feet of Jesus so His blood can come and wash it all away, and bring you healing, and give you new life.

So, we invite you now, wherever you are, if you physically can, kneel down, and let’s humble ourselves together before God and ask for His forgiveness. 

So Heavenly Father, hear us your children as we kneel down before You. Hear us now as we cry out to You, and as we humble our hearts before You. 

Forgive us, and have mercy on us for making Idols out of: money. pleasure, power, and fame. 

We repent for putting anything or anyone before You. 

Forgive us Lord for being blinded by greed, ambition, and lust for the things of the world. 

Notice what’s stirring in your heart now and confess it, give name to it. Let go of it, so Jesus can be the center of your life. 

Father, forgive us for being envious of one another, for our jealousy of others’ talents, positions, wealth, or beauty. 

Name those people who you’ve envied. Name those things that you have resented. Notice the lack of gratitude in your heart.

Forgive us Lord for the sin of pride and rebellion that separates us from You; pride the deadliest of sins. 

Let Jesus take it away, and give you His humility, His gratitude. 

Lord, forgive us of our selfish nature, for ignoring Your commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves, and to care for those less fortunate. Have mercy on us Lord for not seeing You in the least of these. 

Give us new eyes, Lord. 

Confess those times you’ve missed to see Jesus in the poor.

We deeply repent for hatred and prejudice we harbor against one another because of race, gender, ethnicity, weakness, outward appearance, or social status. 

Confess these things. Confess any time that’s coming to your memory right now where you have failed to see any person as anything other than your brother or your sister. 

For the sins of the church, forgive us Lord for anything anyone has done while serving in the church that has hurt another person, been disobedient to Your word, or has given scandal to the name of Jesus. We repent Lord, and ask that you heal any wounds we have created in our service of you and your gospel.

Have Mercy on us Lord. 

Confess those times you have not witnessed fully to the life of Christ He put in your heart. 

Forgive us Lord for the divisions we have created in the church, and for judging others because of their religious beliefs, ideas, or political affiliations. 

We know it is the Heart of Jesus that we would be one just as He and the Father are one. Forgive us and help us to honor and value each other, and to know that we are all your ekklesia, you’re called out ones. 

Confess the hate in your heart you’ve had for other denominations, for other religions, for people with different ideas. 

Invite the Lord to place love in your heart. compassion in your heart, understanding in your heart. 

Lord, we ask for your forgiveness for removing prayer out of so many areas of our public life. Your prayer from the cross was, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” 

Have mercy on us Lord. 

We’re sorry Lord for not making You the center of everything. 

Come back to that center, bring order to our world, to our hearts. 

Father, forgive us for the sin of addiction, whether it be alcohol, drugs, shopping, social media, or any other addiction. 

We cry out for your deliverance tonight.

Name it right now, what you’re addicted to, what you find yourself doing too much of. Detach yourself from those things by your repentance so that you may be attached to the love of Jesus. Name it right now. 

Father, we humbly ask for your forgiveness for our sins of the flesh: pornography, adultery, and all offenses against the sanctity of marriage.. 

Forgive us Lord; have mercy on us.

Father, forgive us for allowing abortion in our land; forgive us for the shedding of innocent blood. We repent, and ask that you reverse this curse, and restore the sanctity of life to the conscience of the people of this nation. 

Pour out Your mercy and Your compassion on us Lord. 

Anyone who’s had an abortion, anyone who’s taken part in abortion, who’s listening right now, may the healing and comforting hand of Jesus touch you. 

Do not live in shame. Do not live in grief. 

Let Jesus raise you up from the dust and give you a new life. He loves you; He’s here for you in this moment. 

Father, for all of these sins and the ones you’ve revealed to each one of us tonight that we have confessed, that we have spoken to, that we have named, and even the ones hidden in our hearts, we ask for your forgiveness. 

We acknowledge our wicked ways. It is our hearts’ desire to turn from them. 

We thank You that you hear us, that You will forgive us, and You will heal our land. 

We love you Father, and we offer all of these prayers to You, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, our Brother, our Savior, and our Friend. Amen